LED Decorative lights Bulbs manufacturers,suppliers Litesun in India

The LED decorative lights bulbs are a recent development that make use of the light emitting diode and can be fitted in lighting fixtures for use. The uses and benefits of the LED bulbs are higher than the traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights.
The LED decorative lights are directional in nature, and thus the emission and reflection of the light take place in specific directions. The type of deco bulb that is chosen by a user, depends on the particular requirements of the user and the place where the bulbs would be fitted. The deco bulbs made from LED are mainly designed to fit in for the purposes of decorations in houses, offices or any other place.

LED Street Lights / LED OUTDOOR LIGHTS Manufacturers,suppliers by Litesun in india

An LED street light manufacturers in india is a lighting used for the streets that has made use of the light emitting diode, integrating it into the light fixture. The light emitting diode is used as the source of for these lights. These are mostly integrated as the use of the luminaire and the fixture, is often not done separately, but in an integrated manner. Different designs have been considered making use of the LED in to street lighting. Low to several low power LEDs are used by several companies, depending on the particular requirements of the streets where the lights are fitted.

LED Tube Light/LED Driver manufacturers,suppliers in india by Litesun (Change for better)

LED tube light is a product based on light-emitting diode, the tube being designed to fit suitably in the lighting fixtures. These tube lights are mainly designed for the purpose of fluorescent lights. The design is sometimes done to replace the existing fixtures. The tube light makes use of LEDs that are discretely separable.
The light from the tube is emitted all around the tube. The commonly available tube designations where these tubes can be fitted include the T8, T10, T12 designations, having lengths of 590 mm, 1,200 mm, and 1,500 mm respectively.

Led Down Lights | Downlighter Manufacturers,suppliers by Litesun"Change for better"

A Led downlights is a lighting system which is designed and placed in a manner such that the light would be reflected downwards.
These lights are generally fixed in a hollow opening which is made in the ceiling of a room. Once these lights are installed, it gives a look as if light is shining from a hole in the roof, directing downwards.
The lights can be designed to reflect in a broad manner or in a narrow manner.
The downlighters come in both round and square shapes.

LED Bulbs | Led Bulbs Manufacturers,suppliers india by Litesun

LED bulbs manufacturers are the bulbs that make use of the light emitting diodes, which are a type of a solid state lighting, and enables production of visible light when the products allow electric current to pass through them. These bulbs are much different from the fluorescent or incandescent lighting that are normally used.
The LED bulbs are generally available in their A Series, B Series, and Deco Bulbs.











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